Yard Drainage St. Louis, MO

Yard Drainage System Installation in St. Louis, MO 

At Grading & Sod Co., our yard drain system installations are professionally designed and measured to prevent flooding. Without a drain solution, water can collect in unwanted areas, causing puddling and flooding that can lead to property damage if left unattended.

A yard that drains properly is important for both daily use and ensuring that rain water flows away from the home’s foundation. We’ve helped many St. Louis properties correct standing water issues by providing the following:

  • Bury Gutter Runoffs

  • Level Properties for Proper Water Flow

  • Install Catch Basins to Collect Rain Water

  • Install French Drains to Collect Standing Water

  • Install Dry Creeks to Divert Water

Common drain and yard grading problems can be solved by various types of drain systems, depending on the property’s unique problem or needs.

Use the list below to help identify which system may be the best fit, or contact us for help.

Common Types of Drainage Systems 

There are several types of drain systems that are designed to meet specific property needs. The most common systems for yard drainage include:

1. French Drain System

French Drains create a channel that allows water to easily flow through a gravel-filled path by directing the water through a perforated pipe beneath the rock. This directs water away from the property without dispensing water into the law.

French Drains are best for getting rid of surface water, or remedying soggy and saturated lawns. They’re also beneficial for keeping water out of basements, and are commonly built to leverage hill-side retaining walls.

2. Dry Well System

A dry well system is a new and environmentally-friendly solution that acts as an inexpensive alternative French Drains.

By discharging collected rain water, a dry well acts as a downspout that directs water away from the property, and eventually places the water back into the water table.

3. Corrective Grading or Grassy Swale

A grassy swale is a graded piece of land that is designed to disperse water evenly throughout the property, or direct it to a bog or drain.

This type of drain system is ideal for an easily manageable and low-cost drain solution.


4. Bog Area in Landscape

Plants can also act as a natural drainage system by absorbing small amounts of excess water. Each region has many differing plants that adapt well to environments with excess water.

This natural solution is often a great first-step to solving minor puddling and satur

Image of a drainage system. You can see a birds eye view of a lawn with a drainage system.

A French Drainage System.

A Grassy Swale.












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