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Retaining Wall Contractor

Retaining walls are popular for their unique designs and prevention of erosion. As a St. Louis retaining wall contractor, we take pride in our projects.

By guaranteeing quality designs backed by a warranty, we promise both functionality and a satisfactory design.

For years, we’ve been building various stone retaining walls, and have completed 100s of beautiful designs. There are several types of functionalities and variations for both commercial and residential properties.

Here are some of the most common types…

Gravity Retaining Walls

One of the most common requests, gravity retaining walls are known their mass to keep soil in place. This also allows for the incorporation of a variety of materials including brick and stone.


Reinforced Retaining Walls

Also known as cantilevered retaining walls, this build is common for commercial properties due their fixated foundations that are capable of providing a strong reinforcement and structure.


Sheet Piling Retaining Walls

Considered among the most compact solutions when space is limited, sheet piling retaining walls offer materials like wood, vinyl, or steel that is driven into the soil to provide reinforcement.


Anchored Retaining Walls

Typically a method that is used to provide additional support to a preexisting wall, anchored retaining walls are often mechanically installed to thinner walls for added reinforcement.

Our landscaping experts determine the best solution, and craft a customized design that serves as both functional and appealing.












Retaining Walls


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