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Sod Installation Process

Switching to a sod lawn creates a healthier, denser yard  that’s easy to maintain with a sod  installation from St. Louis Grading & Sod Company. By using a unique soil preparation prior to installing, we prevent common sources of damage.

Our process for proper installation includes:

  • Test Soil
  • Measure Property
  • Remove Existing Lawn
  • Install Drain System
  • Cut and Roll Sod
  • Water and Fertilize

By following this process, we guarantee the best performance to make the most of the investment. With the hot summers of St. Louis, we recommend Fescue sod for its performance, and also offer Zoysia and Bluegrass if preferred.

Ensuring that sod is installed by experts helps to prevent erosion by maintaining a level yard. Once installed, it’s important to properly maintain it in order to create a healthy long-lasting lawn.

The Benefits of a Sod Lawn

There are many reasons that homeowners choose to switch from seeded to sod lawns.

Here are the most common reasons homeowners make the switch to a sod lawn:

1. An Instant Lawn…

The most popular reason that homeowners choose to switch is because there’s no wait or years of maintenance required to have the perfect lawn.

2. Less Maintenance…

Frequent watering (twice a day every 2-3 week) is recommended after the initial installation of the sod, but afterwards, it’s easy to get away with once a week or even less depending on the size of the yard.

3. Prevent Erosion…

Sod is dense, and as a result, it’s able to better control common causes of erosion like dust and mud to help filter it away from the home.  

Sod Lawn Care & Maintenance

After the installation process, it’s important to properly care for the newly sodded lawn. 

Here’s what we recommend for sod lawn care and maintenance: 

1. Maintain Moisture

After installation, sod can become dry without watering 2-3 times every week. This allows the roots to grow deeper into the soil, which is a must before the first mow. If not done, a mower can easily cause unwanted uprooting.

2. Regular Fertilization

Frequent fertilization is recommended for the first 6 weeks to strengthen the health of the new lawn. This will maintain the sod’s color, and promote strong roots. 

By following these maintenance tips after sod installation, St. Louis Grading & Sod Company guarantees a healthy long-lasting lawn.












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